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Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy.

Testimony for world peace from Luis Troncoso, sculptor of the Nagasaki Angel*, on the occasion of the commemoration of the fiftieth birthday of Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy.

* In memory of the martyred children and Hibakushas, who've been victim of the nuclar radiations on planet Earth, I declare publicity the foolowing - with emotion, I think of the 6th and the 9th of August 1945, dates of the holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, destroyed by the atomic bombs that exterminated thousands of human beings and their dreams, their love, their traditions and their art.

* What is the lesson of the past ? What is the terrible experience of the two world wars used for ? What lessons did the leaders drax from it, leaders who beleive that with dominating and destroying their peoples, it will be possible to talk about human rights.

* With emotion, I think that today we are living in a world of terror, insecurity and wars and that nuclear test threates the equilibrium of humanity. If the supreme instant " O " of the bomb occurs, humanity will have no time to discover other universes.

* Why aren't science progress, human genius used for living (for how long ?!) in order to emilinate hunger and misery of peoples ? Sacrifing hearth intelligence is giving free rein to fanatism and racism.

* With emotion, I think, soaching the year 2000, of these worried masses that will represent terribly dangerous bombs, ready to explose if the powerful do not react in time.

* Today, it is necessary to realize that humanity is not something abstract, and that grand-sons of our grand-sons will be themselves victim if the masses keep in their indifference and their egoism towards the destiny of human cosmos.

* Fortunately, many humanitarian associations and states exist and have avoided, for the past fifty years, an atomic confrontation.

* This humble message is a tribute to the combatants of peace and justice.
If States came on an agreement, by solidarity, against atomic proliferation and the warrior use of nuclear, a road of hope would appear and cherry trees would come into flower for an eternal spring.

Paris, july 1995

* The sculpture " The Angel of Nagasaki " is exhibited since july 1989 in the House of International Culture of Nagasaki (in the Museum, Documentation Center about the atomic bomb).

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